The UEV-17 is Conqueror’s flagship model featuring all the essentials, comforts and luxuries for off-road enthusiasts that want the toughest hybrid caravan to take on their adventures.

UEV-17 have enough space to sleep a full family or some friends, this unique hybrid accommodates a comfortable amount of storage with accessibility from the inside and out. Pull up to a location and get access to the fridge and pantry or just sleep without any setup required.

Exterior Length   5335mm
Exterior Width   2042mm
Exterior Height (without Aircon)   2380mm
Track Width   1740mm
Suspension   Independent Coil Suspension (D-Arm)
Tare   1450kg
GVM   1800kg
Water Capacity   190 Litres
AC Charger Output   24A/14.7V (max)
Occupant Capacity   4
Side Bed Dimensions   1980mm (L) x 1290mm(W)
Front Bed Dimensions   1900mm (L) x 1570mm(W)