Where do Conqueror Off-Road Campers come from?

Conqueror Australia, supplier of the world’s toughest off-road camper trailers, imports all models direct from South Africa, the home of Conqueror International.

Conqueror has 20 years experience in building the toughest military products, which are tried and tested in African and Australian conditions.

All Conqueror’s imported models are available for sale in Australia, although each model can be upgraded with features to handle the rugged Australian terrain;

What size bed does a 300 series camper have?

Conqueror Australia has three models in its 300 series, including the UEV 310, UEV 330 and UEV 390.

Each model, although different in dimensions and weight, carries the same roof-top, clam-shell style tent that is synonymous with Conqueror. Within the r tent is a 2 metre X 2 metre foldout bed, that can comfortably sleep up to four smaller bodies, or two adults with extreme room to move.

The foam mattress on the 300 series is upgradable and each camper in this series can be customised with an innerspring mattress, giving you much better support while off-road. The innerspring mattress upgrade is also accompanied by a tent bag extension, which allows for the extra height of your tent when sitting on the roof-top.

For more information, contact your nearest dealer, or the staff at Conqueror HQ.

What sort of awning options are there with a Conqueror UEV?

There are a number of different awning options for Conqueror UEV’s, and they relate particularly to you as a customer, where you are likely to be travelling to, and what your camping style is. For example, are you looking for weekend getaways, or a long term off-road trip into the outback?

Do you intend to camp at caravan parks, or are you serious about getting “off the grid”?

The 300 series campers each possess an L-shaped awning which attaches to the main clam-shell tent, and is erected using poles, pegs and guide ropes. Most recently, Conqueror has been able to source a 30 second Batwing awning, which is able to be positioned on the 300 series camper, to provide a quick set-up option for short stays. The UEV 390 also has a 360 degree awning and add-on 4 berth tent that can be customised to increase the living space with this vehicle.

The 400 series has further options with Rally-style or 180 degree awnings…and enquiries regarding these awning upgrades are best directed to Conqueror Dealers or HQ.

What is the best sized UEV for me?

Conqueror UEV’s are the world’s toughest military-style campers, and are designed to withstand the most rugged of off-road conditions.

When choosing the UEV that is right for you and your family, it all comes down to a number of factors:

  • your travel plans – where are you looking to explore?
  • number of berths – how many in your family and what sort of bedding will you need?
  • what sort of luxury do you expect in your camper, and what style or standard of camping do you prefer?
  • what facilities do you require – kitchen, entertainment system, gas or diesel hot water, quick setup awnings.

These are all questions that you should be able to answer when talking to your local Conqueror Dealer.