5 Handy Camping Inventions

Have you ever come up with a handy invention to make your camping trip a little easier? Take a look at some useful creations and tools we’ve found.

1. Esky Compartment Rack: Use an old oven rack to separate goods in your esky to make sure your food doesn’t end up soggy from melted ice.


2. Hand Washing Station: Don’t lose paper towels to the wind with this handy invention.


 3. Pots and Pans Holder: Save storage space by hooking your pots and pans to a belt on a nearby tree.


4. Spice Containers: Keep your cooking spices in empty Tic Tac containers to keep them fresh, easily identifiable and ready to use.


5. DIY Lantern: Strap a headlight to a water jug to fill your tent with ambient light.


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