It seems these days there is a phone app for everything, so we thought we would help you out with which ones to choose.

1. Find a Park
When you looking for a camping spot for the night this app will help you find one. You can use it to plan your next trip as it includes maps and directions. . Available on iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone.

2. Google Places
This app helps you find pubs, restaurants, shops and any place you can think of. To help with picking the pubs or restaurants there are reviews included. Available on Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch.

3. Compass
When you need to find your bearings this app works like a real compass. Avaliable on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Nokia.

4. Google Sky Maps
When you look up at that beautiful night sky and admiring the stars, you can take a photo with your phone and it will identify stars, planets and constellations. Available on all android phones.