Conqueror Australia off road trailers are utilised by happy campers in many different ways around the country.

Conqueror owners have some amazing tales to tell, including:

  • A lone adventurer has traveled over 240,000km throughout and around Australia over a six-year period.
  • A family of five takes time away each school holidays to show their children a skyline not dominated by glass and concrete.
  • A couple left to travel around the country for two years, and who returned after just over 12 months to give birth to their first child, conceived whilst travelling.

Conqueror trailers are a vehicle to create memories and in doing so developing the realisation  that experiencing the journey is just as important as reaching your destination.

With each amazing journey comes a story and many memorable images. We love getting photos of happy campers and our valued customers as they travel around Australia! Share yours too on our Facebook page.

Kimba, SA

Happy campers Janelle-Moore-Kimba

Hobart, TAS

happy campers - Jeff Holmes in Hobart

Tasmanian Wilderness

Happy campers - Jeff Holmes in Tassie Wilderness

Fraser Island, QLD

happy campers Shannyn-Bockler-Fraser-Island

Cobark River, NSW

happy campers Grant-Foster-Cobark-on-the-river