There are limitless places to go in our vast country but we’ve picked 5 of our TOP DESTINATIONS for you to check out! Don’t forget to share your best Conqueror moments on our Facebook page!

1. Moreton Island, QLD

Often overlooked for Fraser, Bribie and Stradbroke Islands nearby, and Number 1 on our Top Destinations, Moreton Island is Brisbane’s closest island and features plenty of great sandy 4WD tracks, both inland and on the beaches as well as excellent bush camping between Bulwer and Cowan. Great beach fishing will also keep everyone more than entertained.

top destinations moreton-island

2. Esperance, WA

With breathtaking scenery you’ll never want to leave this amazing camping spot, number 2 in our top destinations. The area features pristine, dry sand and some of the clearest ocean water you will ever see.

top destinations esperence-wa

3. King River, VIC (Pineapple Flat)

If you’re looking for some adventure then King River is the place for you! To get to the campgrounds alongside the river you first need to cross it five times along the 4WD track. The crossings aren’t too difficult but the river can develop a fairly strong current so always be careful when crossing.

There are plenty of camping grounds including the popular Pineapple Flat, which is the best place to set up base camp. From here you can venture off exploring everything the high ground has to offer including Bindaree Falls and Lake Cobbler.

top destinations king-river-vic

4. Stockton Beach, NSW

Stockton Beach has the largest moving coastal sand dunes in Australia. The cost for entry for an entire year is only $30 making this an affordable 4WD camping trip and number 4 in our top destinations.
The area has 40km of spectacular coastline featuring great beach fishing and plenty to see and do including the shipwreck of the Sygna.

top destinations stockton-beach-NSW

5. St Alban’s Bay, TAS

At only 60m from the water’s edge this is a beautiful place to check out. It’s also not too far from town in case you forget an essential!

Also, feel free to tackle these epic dunes which will see you hitting third gear high range to have any real chance!

top destinations st-albans-bay-tas