For the serious off-roaders we’ve found five challenging, yet must-see drives around Australia for you to conquer.

The Simpson Desert

A trip to the Simpson Desert is the ultimate must-see drive and outback adventure. The Simpson is made up of 1100 parallel sand dunes that run north-north-west to south-south-east.

Some of these dunes are 200 kilometres long, and tracks like the Old Andado, Colson or Hay River tracks have been made in the swales (the dips) of the dunes and run for tens of kilometres.

Far from being desolate, the Simpson is home to an incredible array of birds, animals and plants. In certain places like Purnie Bore, underground water bubbles to the surface and turns the desert into an oasis where life thrives.

The Simpson Desert is both beautiful AND challenging. If you’re thinking about exploring this magic place, you’ll need to be VERY well prepared. Find out more.

Cape York

Vastly improved, the popular track from Cairns passes many iconic locations including Cape Tribulation, Cooktown and Lakefield National Park. We love it so much we’ve named one of our trailers following some mighty Cape York adventures. One of Australia’s must-see drives and a required destination for any serious off roader. Find out more.

Oodnadatta Track

The Oodnadatta Track is 620 kilometres of legendary outback track that takes travellers on a journey of discovery, exploration and imagination.

You might be thinking that all outback tracks are the same: lots of wide open spaces and not much to see or do.

You might also be thinking that you need very advanced driving skills and lots of special recovery gear in your vehicle to see these places.

Well, we’d like to introduce you to the Oodnadatta Track. Find out more. 


Victorian High Country

With hundreds of tracks to cover there is a route here to suit every traveller. You can travel in winter to enjoy the snow season or wait for the greener pastures of the warmer months. Find out more.


The Kimberley

The vast region in Western Australia couldn’t be covered in just one trip but with highlights including the Bungle Bungles, Cathedral Gorge, Echidna chasm, Fitzroy crossing, Broome’s famous beaches and much more it’s worth two to three trips to appreciate it all. Find out more.