Travelling cross-country is an adventurer’s dream but it often means you have to adjust to fewer comforts. Conqueror Australia has broken that myth with a camper trailer packed with features. The UEV- 440 is compact, extremely versatile and depending on the model packs everything from wine glasses to a flat-screen TV.

With rock-solid construction and CNC-manufactured powder-coated body parts, the UEV- 440 combines flexibility and strength and can easily be transformed from a vehicle crashing through the wilderness to a quiet retreat. To top it all, a fan pressurizes the interior ensuring your vehicle is dust-free on arrival.

With its hard roof, sides and floor and the ability to sleep up to 4 people off the ground, the UEV-440 is ideal for both couples and families. With the manoeuvrability and capability of both a camper trailer as well as caravan, it is not surprising the UEV-440’s Youtube video has been seen by more than 25 million viewers, earning itself the nickname “Jack of all trades”.

The 440 comes in 2 different models specs as below…

Dimensions: Length: 4.4m Width: 1.9m Height: 2.2m

Weights: Tare (Unladen): 1350/1550kg ATM:1800kg