Conqueror trailers are recognised among the world’s toughest campers.

Conqueror Australia has FIVE Urban Escape Vehicles (UEV) in it’s range, and a total of TWELVE Models including variations to each UEV.

Conqueror Australia’s products are wisely engineered and crafted using 21st century technology, materials and design. All our Conqueror trailers are designed using modular construction allowing ultimate body flex for proven off-road performance, eliminating metal fatigue.

We do not use any wood or any other degradable material in our construction. Our products are built to last!

View our tough-as-nails range of Conqueror trailers here, and let us help you find a vehicle to suit your next off-road adventure!


Conqueror trailer UEV345 off road camper

The UEV310 is Conqueror Australia’s smallest and lightest Urban Escape Vehicle. Click Discover to find out more about this model.

Conqueror trailers UEV310 off road campers

Named “Off-road Camper Trailer of the Year” in 2013, the UEV345 offers an abundance of storage – ideal for longer stay camping and families. Check out the 2017 UEV345 Escape with a number of extra features. Click Discover to find out more.

Conqueror trailers UEV345 off-road campers


Conqueror’s UEV390 is a first class off-road trailer exploding with unique design and features There is space for all the camping luxuries and everything has a place, making camping a breeze. Click Discover to find out more.

Conqueror trailers UEV390 off-road campers


The UEV440 is an innovative and capable off-road camper, sleeping up to five inside and in comfort. The UEV440 steps up the adventure capability with an overhauled Australian designed chassis and suspension upgrade built to tackle harsh terrain. Click Discover to find out more.

Conqueror trailers UEV440 off-road campers


The UEV490 is the largest of the Conqueror Australia models designed for Australia’s tough conditions, with three different bedding configurations sleeping up to five, plus the choice of eating inside or out. Masterfully balanced, the UEV490 is effortless to tow on road and legendary off the beaten track. Click Discover to find out more.

Conqueror trailers UEV490 off-road campers