When planning to go on that joyful open road 4×4 trip there are a few essentials you can’t leave home without. So make sure these items are on your checklist.

Bull Bars

When traveling through the outback an animal can run out from nowhere this is where a bull bar is very crucial. It is a sad fact when a vehicle strikes an animal they will be severally injured or killed. The bull bar is there to protect the passengers and radiator and headlights as an animal can do a fair amount of damage.


Getting lost is not the funniest part of a road trip and can leave everyone frustrated, so why leave home without a navigation system. There are so many on the market these days with some even featuring alerts of changing road and traffic conditions. You can keep your eyes on the road and listen to the southing voices guiding your way.


The last thing you want is a flat battery in the middle of the outback could be days before you get a passerby.  That is when a portable jump-start batteries pay for themselves. Simply hook the leads to the flat battery start the ignition and you’re on your way.

Jacks and Winches and Tread Grips

Now you know your going to go off the beaten track and you are sure the run the risk of being bogged. Jacks and winches are your best tools in these situations. Jacks will lift vehicles wheels with an inflatable bag that is attached to the exhaust. Jacks can withstand large weights and are compact and convenient to store. Mounted winches are useful when there is an anchoring point near by. However tread grips are seen as the easiest bogging solution. Just lay them in front of the tyres and drive out.

Remember plan ahead for your next trip, don’t forget the essentials and most importantly travel safely.