Now that the temperature is dropping it is important to plan ahead and keep warm when out in the great outdoors. We have put together a list of 10 tips to help you prepare for the cooler weather (especially at night!) on your next adventure:

1. Select a protected campsite out of the wind and other low areas where cold air settles.

2. Wear wool as this is more likely to keep you warm, if you are sensitive to wool put silk or linen next to your skin and layer on the wool. Also consider investing in thermal clothing.

3. Eat a big dinner with lots of calories as calories are a unit of heat.

4. Go to bed warm. Warm up by taking a brief walk around the campsite or do some jumping jacks. Your sleeping bag will insulate cold or heat, just like a thermos.

5. Create a layered bedding system. For example: Insulated foam or inflatable matt/bed, cover with a blanket or a sleeping bag, sleeping bag and a fleece blanket over the top (if you’re still cold)

6. Keep your sleeping gear clean as dirt clogs air spaces in the material and reduces insulation value making it harder to stay warm.

7. Avoid wearing every bit of clothing you brought with you as the more bulk you put into your sleeping bag, the more compressed the sleeping bag insulation will get and the less effective it will be in keeping you warm.

8. Consider keeping a warm drink such as hot chocolate in a thermos nearby so that when you wake during a cold night you can warm yourself back up.

9. Use a hot water bottle. If you don’t have one handy one can be made using a sturdy non-plastic water bottle inside a wool sock. Place this either next to your neck or stomach.

10. Keep your head covered as you lose a lot of heat from your head. Do this by using the hood of your sleeping bag or a beanie.