Discover Conqueror Off Road Campers


Conqueror Australia, manufacturers and distributors of the world’s toughest off road camper trailers.

With a manufacturing background in servicing the military both locally and internationally, Conqueror has extended its business into the off road camper trailers and safari market.

Conqueror has always taken an aggressive and innovative approach in the design of their vehicles, and as a result, are not satisfied with merely following current norms and procedures.

This has led to a range of vehicles where innovative design, thorough field testing and unique manufacturing processes resulted in making the Company a leader in the African off road market.

Australia’s road and infrastructure conditions may be the most severe in the world and Conqueror Australia’s vehicles are built rugged enough to withstand anything that may be encountered on any other continent.

Conqueror Australia imports each model direct from South Africa and has created its own range of Urban Escape Vehicles (UEV) which are customised and further strengthened to meet Australian standards and conditions.

Conqueror Australia Managing Director Peter Nasser heads a team of expert staff who are responsible for the entire Australasian operation, including sales, marketing, repairs and warranty at our Conqueror Headquarters at Sumner Park in Queensland.

Conqueror Australia has an ever-expanding Dealership base, with passionate Conqueror sales and service now available in Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns and Newcastle. Dealer inquiries are welcome – please contact our Sales Team.

For more information, Contact our Brisbane Headquarters, or view our range of Urban Escape Vehicles.